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This extraordinarily beautiful flower is a native of Peru, South America. This flower is available in vibrant shades of yellow, pink, purple, red, orange and white.

Peruvian lilies signify love, friendship and devotion. They are the top choice in any given flower-giving occasion.  They symbolize a long-lasting friendship and forever lasting love between the person who gives these flowers and the recipient.
Peruvian lily is also known as: Alstroemeria , the Lily of the Incas, parrot lily and the "Ulster Mary" lily.

These lilies have bulbs which need to be planted in early spring. They would do very well if planted outside to receive full sunlight and would not strive in shady areas like covered porch.
They need watering on a consistent basis but one should always avoid over watering them. Their stems need consistent pruning to accelerate new petal growth.
The flowers have an average vase-life of about two weeks. Although they have no fragrance of their own, they are the most favored one when it comes for long-lasting decorations, flower arrangements and bouquets.

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